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Run a database system on Fedora

By Aldanatech ·
I have a database system based on MySql and PHP that I want to run on a Fedora Linux computer. How can I accomplish this? Do I need special software?

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by Enrique Corona In reply to Run a database system on ...

No you dont it works fine on fedora, i dont remember rigth now but i think that the fedora cds contain mysql and php. but dont worry mysql and php works fine on fedora. read realese info on mysql web site.. good luck with that.

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by Aldanatech In reply to

Yes, I know it will support it. It is a 64-bit Fedora system. The problem is that I'm still fairly new to Linux and I need help on how to execute the database system. Think you can help me?

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by Enrique Corona In reply to Run a database system on ...

well the thing about learning linux is that if i show you step by step how to do what you need, then! whats the meaning about learning linux, dont get me wrong i want to help you,but i will be helping you more if let you do it by your self. read the installation notes read the installation notes

first of all you got to have the packages that you need to the services can run.

apache server

its going to take you a while but youare going to learn alot, trust me i already went thru that.

its not that hard you just have to read alot. good luck.

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by Enrique Corona In reply to

Uhmmm.. try exporting them since you are using open source,, theres no special conf... i understand you question now.

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by Jaqui In reply to Run a database system on ...

install mysql, apache with mod_php, php with mysql module. ( should default )

copy the files to the /var/www/html/ folder
at console:

create dbname
( same as creating in windows version of mysql )

or, take a db dump with inserts, install phpmyadmin and run the dump as an sql query with it.
that will create the db exactly as you have it.
the php scripts should have the connection to mysql and the db already coded in them. [ if you built them right ]

make sure mysql and apache start at boot.

all done, it should be serving the pages from the script if you have installed everything correctly.

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