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    Run a Mail-Box & POP3 account


    by jsarinana ·

    We have an Exchange server 2000, I have some new users from another company on my network and domain. We want them to have an Exchange account and also us ther own company pop3 account as well. That way they can be part of our Exchange group. When they send out external e-mails we want them to show their pop3 account info Example

    Our company:

    their company: their e-mail should show up as when e-mailing from our LAN. I know how to add both accounts but I cannot get it to do what I want. They are using Outlook2003. I have don this before in Outlook2000 but I don’t remeber how I did it. HELP????

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      by rindi1 ·

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      create that new domain on your exchange server ( and get the DNS server which your company uses to have point to the ip address of your exchange server (including MX records, etc.). You should now be able to create those users inside that new domain and they should be able to use your exchange server.

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      by rewrite ·

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      Maybe I’m not understanding this correctly but if you have multiple accounts set up for their mail then you can choose the default account and that account is where mail originates from. Example: I have 3 separate mail accounts for Outlook. I receive mail from all 3 accounts automatically. When I send mail out it goes out under the account I have specified as my default account.

      Are you saying that you want to have the sending address to be or depending on a user choice or some other criteria?



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