Run Active Directory as Another Access Account

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Im sure this has a real simple solution which I have overlooked or the answer is that its not doable, but Im tired of the logouts/logins several times a day.
My company will not set up my personal Domain Account with access levels to work with Domain information (understandably so). But its a pain to have to logout of my work in order to login under my domain account just to reset a password or to verify some is in a DAG. I was hoping working on an XP machine with the ADMIN PAK installed from 2003 that I could run the Computer/User application as another user (my Domain Access admin account) while remaining logged in as my personal account. This would save some back and forth or printing to verify name spelling or requests in email for changes. So far I have not found a way to choose the RUN AS ANOTHER USER for that application. Anyone have a quick solution.

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by Dumphrey In reply to Run Active Directory as A ...

You may just want to Remote into a DC with the appropriate credentials and run users/computers

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runas is the answer

by lowlands In reply to Run Active Directory as A ...

You can run your application using "run as". To do this hold the SHIFT key while you right click on the shortcut for the application you want to launch. A "run as" option should appear below the open option.

Another option is to create a shortcut to your application on your desktop (make sure to have the shortcut point to the .msc file, not to the shortcut put in your start menu, so for example shortcut to dsa.msc), then right click on the shortcut, select properties, click advanced and select "run with different credentials"

That should do the trick.

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not my question

by Dumphrey In reply to runas is the answer

This wasnt my question, but lowlands, that is a sweet shortcut. Shift click did the trick. No more RDC for simple stuff for me. Wish there was a way I could reward you points for this =\

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Me too

by curlergirl In reply to not my question

Never knew that "shift+right click for Run as" trick. Oh well, I've only been working in the industry for 25 years or so....Anyway, thanks a bunch! And isaakd, I miss the old Tech Q&A too, even though the points were useless. It just made you feel a sense of accomplishment. Go figure ;-)

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Great Help - I knew it would be simple

Thanks both of you (isaakd & lowlands).
isaakd I have done some of the remoting in, but as you said for simple checks/changes that was a little combersome as well.
Lowlands, as Isaakd said I would reward points if I could for that-looks like in this area they stopped doing that but I did mark it with the thumbs up. Great suggestion.

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Desktop Shortcut

by danscallon In reply to Run Active Directory as A ...

If you right click on the desktop and choose

in the new windows ("type the location of the item:") put

%windir%\System32\runas.exe /savecred /user:domain\useraccount "mmc dsa.msc"

where the domain is your domain and the useraccount is the account you use to log in to the domain
Hope this helps

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