run dll error

By imcara ·
Hi There i am running winXP SP2, when my desktop comes up i get an error message saying
specified module not found.
this is causing major disruption to my p.c.
Any help would be appreciated

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Error message...

Read on for more info..

Using Safe Mode
As in previous Windows versions, Windows XP gives you the option to start your system in Safe Mode if you?re unable to reliably start in normal mode. In Safe Mode, Windows uses only those services and drivers that are absolutely required to start your system. The operating system starts with a minimal set of drivers and services, using a generic video driver at a resolution of 640x480, with support for your keyboard, mouse, monitor, local storage, and default system services. In Safe Mode, Windows does not install support for audio devices and nonessential peripherals, including most devices connected via USB ports. (USB keyboards and mice may be used in Safe Mode only if your system BIOS includes the option to recognize and enable these devices.) In Safe Mode, Windows ignores all startup programs as well, whether they?re specified in a startup group on the All Programs menu or in the registry.


Unlike previous Windows versions, the base video driver in Windows XP will display 24-bit color in Safe Mode; the 640x480 resolution, however, cannot be adjusted.
In Safe Mode, you can access most essential configuration tools, including Device Manager, System Restore,Registry Editor, and Backup. Virtually all Help And Support Center features are available in Safe Mode as well, with the noteworthy exception of the Group Policy features in Advanced System Information. You can use these tools to disable system services, device drivers, or startup applications that are preventing your computer from starting.

If Windows appears to work properly in Safe Mode, you can safely assume that there?s no problem with the basic services. Use Device Manager and Event Viewer to try to figure out where the trouble lies. If you suspect that a newly installed device or program is the cause of the problem, you can remove the offending software from Safe Mode. Use Device Manager to uninstall or roll back a hardware driver; try the Add Or Remove Programs option in Control Panel to remove a program. Then try restarting the system normally to see whether that resolved the problem.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Good News Bad news

by IC-IT In reply to run dll error

Your anti-virus has removed parts of a nasty trojan. The bad news is it is still affecting your logon.
Safe mode is a good starting point to remove the remenants.
Download Spybot -Search and Destroy (be careful not to install a sound alike program, Spybot is free).
Install the updates. Use the advanced mode and select Tools. Check the boxes for activex and BHOs.
Remove unknown or other nasty helpers (You may Google unknown exe and dll files).
Here is a bit more data on the trojan and removal steps.

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by imcara In reply to Good News Bad news

Thanks for the help!

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