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Run Phat Linux On My Win2Kpro PC

By DrumHighRoller ·
Well, I don't have ANY Linux experience except for a short trial run on an old 200mhz PC to which I loaded Red Hat 7.0, I really like the whole concept of Linux and would like not to be hooked into always having to use Windows to do anything. I downloaded a version of Phat Linux and I cant even get it to START loading within Windows as it supposedly was designed to, it states that I have a Runtime error '76' path not found, I did load the vb6rt file as instructed and still nuthin'!! I really like the idea of running Linux inside of Windows so that I can learn Linux while still getting to all the things that need my attention in the Windows environment.
Any help in this area would be most appreciated!!

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Your best bet

by LordInfidel In reply to Run Phat Linux On My Win2 ...

Is to scrap the whole linux inside windows idea.

Build yourself a machine with RH8/9 on it. 7.x if you don't have a machine with at least 128 megs of ram.

Install it with gnome so you get the pretty desktop.

Then you can learn linux graphically, where everything is. And you can still open up a term window and navigate that way via command line.

Don't take the whimpy way out, you will never learn linux that way. The only way you are going to really learn it is if you use it and f**k it up beyond repair.

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Unfortunatly ...

by DrumHighRoller In reply to Your best bet

I can't just jump the Windows ship yet, I have work to do and I don't know Linux at all and my work won't get done and that would be bad for my r?sum?!! That's whY I wanted Phat Linux to run on my machine I could figure out things as I am actually gettin' them done in Windows at the same time I couldn't even do that with a dual boot system as I wouldn't have an instantaneous way to switch between OS's to compare results.

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Take it from me

by LordInfidel In reply to Unfortunatly ...

If your looking to learn linux, Phat linux and dual booting is not the way to go.

I started in the M$ world. I self teach myslef and I learn extremely fast. It is almost impossible to learn linux while running it under windows.

I'm not sure what kind of "results" you are trying to compare. But your "BEST" bet is to go to your local compusa or similiar. Buy RedHat 9 or 8. Install it on a totally different machine. **** install all of the packages on it so you can play with everything.

Run gnome on it, your desktop will be just like windows. Then instead of *using* the windows like functions of gnome/linux. Open up a terminal window and run all of your commands in there. That way if you get lost, you can simply open up a window and see where you are graphically.

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by zlitocook In reply to Run Phat Linux On My Win2 ...

I would stick with the main stream versions, because the others are for folks who know unix and love to work with it. I use SUSE and Red hat 8, red hat is now bootable. You can set your computer to boot from the cdrom and install RH, in about 30 or so minutes. And not like MS its ether vary cheap or free!

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I Actually ...

by DrumHighRoller In reply to Linux

...have 2 versions of Red Hat, 7.2 & 7.3 with documentation to help me out but I didn't see how I could install it on top of Windows (again I'm new here in Linuxland) and my original intent was in trying to use it at the "same time" as Windows rather than dual booting so I could readily compare results in real time.

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