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Run Program as Admin

By warren ·
How do you run or install a program as Administrator when a user is loged on?

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How to run program as admin

by BobbyD13 In reply to Run Program as Admin

If the runas service is running on the windows system. Shift + right click the executable. Run as will appear as an option. Select runas and put in the proper login info.

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by warren In reply to How to run program as adm ...

Thanks, that is what I was looking for

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What about in IE7?

by ericdls In reply to Thanks

Hi guys, our installers are located in the network shared and we usually use the RUN-AS command in IE6 to browse through the restricted folders as admins. However, when we migrated to IE7, it is opening up a new windows explorer browser separately. Thus, the admin rights do not work. Is there any work around?

Appreciate all the help...


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Don't use the browser at all.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What about in IE7?

Do a Windows key+E to open Explorer outside of IE. Create either mapped drive or a Network Place pointing to the share. Then go to the share, right-click the app, and click Run As.

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Re: Don't use the browser at all.

by ericdls In reply to Don't use the browser at ...

Thanks Palmetto. This is a callcenter environment and most users only have "User" rights in their PCs. As a result, the installers located at the shared folder are restricted, they dont even have the rights to do "List Folder Contents". What I want to do is to open up a windows explorer with Admin access to the folder itself and not the app alone. If I use Run-As on the app itself, there are some dependent files that might work.


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Re: Don't use the browser at all

by sonya.jordan In reply to Re: Don't use the browser ...

You can map a drive to the share using your admin credentials and disconnect it when you're done.

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