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run time Error '50289'

By wwyznet ·
I have a problem open word docement. Everytime i open an attached word document e-mail. It give me Error messages " Run time errors '50289'. click OK, DEBUG OR help. If i click OK. It open the word document. while for debug. it open a Visual Basic editor for me to debug the source code. I open the word docement and save it in the hard disk and reopen it. still got the same errors. I am using OutLook 97.

I try to upgrade to office 2000 and outlook 2000. Unfortunately, the problem stillpersist. Not only that, i try to uninstall office 97 and office 2000. still the same. Also apply all service pack for office 97 and 2000.

anyone can help me.

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run time Error '50289'

by awilliams3 In reply to run time Error '50289'

The error you are receiving is unusual. I do not have an answer but I do have some steps I would recommend trying. I do not fully understand your post but one thing you noted was the error occurs with both Word 97 and Word 2000. That would lead me to believe the problem does not lie in Word directly. At least not the applications.

I suggest the following, though this not a solution perhaps it will narrow down the problem to some suspects.

Search the workstations hard drive for any instances of NORMAL.DOT using the START/FIND/FIND FILES in Windows. If any are found, and you should find at least one, rename it (them). Rename to NORMAL.ODD for example.

Repeat the process above for any EMAIL.DOT files. If any are found rename them.

I would also suggest going into the Templates and Add-ins menu in Word and make sure that no add-ins are loading by unchecking those that are checked.

Once these steps are done try again, see if the behavior changes.

I know I am suggesting you target Word and not Outlook at this point, but to me Word has the greater potential of being involved in the error.

Good Luck, keep us posted and I suggest describing the exact steps that produce the error.

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run time Error '50289'

by wwyznet In reply to run time Error '50289'

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run time Error '50289'

by wwyznet In reply to run time Error '50289'

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