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Rundll32 consuming 97+% of CPU

By edbrunn ·
Periodically the rundll32.exe consumes most of my CPU processing resources. This occurs without any apparent reason; I notice it immediately when my machine (XP) comes to a crawl. The solution is to reboot. I run antivirus and spyware software and cannot find any problems when running these scans with the most recent definitions loaded for both.

Can anyone suggest how to fix this? I assume stopping this process via task mgr is not a good idea?

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by JamesRL In reply to Rundll32 consuming 97+% o ...

Rundll32 is a "generic" process, and could be spawning either legitimate or malware apps.

From the description, I would suggest the latter.

Some viruses can evade or even disable the detection from many antivirus systems.

I would highly suggest turning off system restore, booting into safe mode, and running a virus scan. I would also run more than one of the anti-spyware tools. Personally I have ad-aware, the Microsoft anti-spyware tool and Spybot Search and destrory and often one will catch what the others miss.

Hope that helps.


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by 3xp3rt In reply to Rundll32 consuming 97+% o ...

My opinion is the same. Sorry but is a virus or spyware.
If the safe mode solution doesn?t work, try to download some bootable CD with antivirus solution, like P.H.L.A.K. , boot from this Boot CD and run the antivirus, and antyspyware software.

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by ctrservices In reply to Rundll32 consuming 97+% o ...

Definitely malware. Make sure all scanners are updated before you scan in Safe Mode. Also, if you have Spybot, it can run at startup by selecting Mode--Advanced Mode--Settings--Settings--scroll down to and select under System Start "Run program once at next system startup".

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Rundll32 consuming 97+% o ...

yeah but ususally the spyware checker would show something...wonder if you have one of those viruii that block the antivirus? have you tried updating your antivirus program or otherwise exercising it to see if it works normally?
try one of those on-line scanners.
try hi-jack pro, run in safe mode
what other services do you see running? anything odd looking?

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by w2ktechman In reply to Rundll32 consuming 97+% o ...

Although I have to agree that it is most likely Spyware,Malware, or a virus, I have seen legitimate apps do this as well (Outlook and Symantec for example). Best to follow the instructions above, use several antispyware utilities in safe mode.
Rundll32 can have the task ended safely in task manager (usually), and when ending the task you can have it close all other processes thatare using it.
Also, go through your startup group to see what may be starting with your system. Run msconfig and browse the startup tasks. For anything that you are unsure about, try a web search on the file name that is running.
If the problem still persists, it may be a legitimate program that is failing

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by Gigelul In reply to Rundll32 consuming 97+% o ...

If you use Symantec Antivirus upgrade it to the newest version. The best way is to uninstall the old version and then install the new one. I saw that the new technology used by Symantec generates more issues and need more resources on PCs.

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by campbelldc In reply to Rundll32 consuming 97+% o ...

Another possibility is a program which hooking into the keyboard. I just fixed a clients computer which I had spent several hours working on looking for virus/malware. I ended up turning everything off and adding processes in one by one and found that the program for the multimedia keyboard was the problem.

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by frankiesmum In reply to Rundll32 consuming 97+% o ...

One other possibilty is a buggy autoupdate device driver. Have seen this behaviour when (1) an application is running and the update service tries to update a file or files currently in use (locked). Also when (2) a required file for the update is not available (server is down or not responding or the target website has been re-organised). Especially applicable to virus scanners (problems (1) and (2)) and handheld device interface applications (problem (2)) but also seen for scanners and other specialist apps.

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rundll32 pegs cpu

by elsey05 In reply to Rundll32 consuming 97+% o ...

I am having the same problem. As a temporary resolution I have set the priority for this process to low. It works for a while and you can sit and watch the cpu usage drop off, but eventually it creeps back up and consumes the cpu again. I've looking all over the web for a solution to this problem, a lot of people are experiencing it but there doesn't appear to be any solutions to it. At least no one is posting a resolution for it anyway. Why is microsoft not addressing this. I've run all of my spy/spam ware programs and a/v scans and my system is clean. This is only happening on my laptop. Its an IBM thinkpad with centrino processor, my pc is not affected by this. Anyone have any ideas????

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