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Running a cat 5 cable longer than 300 ft

By marcato15 ·
I have two buildings that are not quite 400ft apart. I had a shielded 2-pair cat5 network cable laid between them (I didn't know about the ~300ft limit on Cat 5 cables). Is there anyway to add a booster or other extension to the ends to be able to make the network cable work across that distance? I was able to get signal for about 3 days, then it just cut out.

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by dawgit In reply to Running a cat 5 cable lon ...

What is the net work standard you are useing? (the standard for 100 mb Fast-Ethernet lan is 100baseT or TX, IEEE-802.3u, which will limit you to aprox. 100 meters, or about 300 ft) That won't give you reliable service in your case. I would recomend a cost effective switch to optics between the two facilties. (where as IEEE-802.3z, 1000BaseX is a Gigabit Lan, still simple enuf to config. uses less expensive optics, with a range of up to 5km, 0r about 2miles +/ - ) A big plus also with optics is lack of interference (elec/mag) and it's highly secure.

edited to give more info. :-)

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you can get booster to do this

by jdclyde In reply to Running a cat 5 cable lon ...

BLACKBOX has many. We just got new ones for a run that is about 600', but the boxes will run about 3 miles at 15mbps.

When I get back to work, I will look to see what the ones we just got were. I thing it is about $600 for the pair that you will need.

BEST thing is to either change to fiber now OR use a wireless bridge to span the distance.

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Ethernet extender

by jdclyde In reply to you can get booster to do ...

This has been in place for a year, and never has any problems.

Again, for a new run if possible, I would strongly recommend converting to fiber or wireless because of the bandwidth.

If that is not an option, these will work for you. Plan on about $680 for the pair though.

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2 buildings

by rob mekel In reply to Running a cat 5 cable lon ...

There are a lot of extenders to use. Just Google around and y'll find some. Or go wireless.

But if using the cable did you think of the electrical tension differences between the 2 buildings let alone the desaster that could happen if lightning hits 1 of the 2 buildings.

Think it over if you don't wanna go wireless or fiberoptics


Edited for mis type

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1000 ft at 10/100 MPS from Riggs Technology

by jamesriggs In reply to Running a cat 5 cable lon ...


We also offer a product that extends cat 5 cable for up to 1000 ft with a full 10/100 Mbs. Currently a single unit that can extended cable to 675 ft is only $229.00. Check out our web site.

james riggs

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We offer the best Ethernet Extender solutions

by yujen88 In reply to Running a cat 5 cable lon ...


Check out our Ethernet Extender that extend beyond Ethernet distance 100m limitation.

Thank you

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