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Running IT team Within End-User Environment

By wihsm ·
If you manage an IT team as a department within your organisation, how do you balance your IT staffs versus the IT resources? What roles do you keep, what do you outsource?

Consider the followings:
1) You have many projects to start but staffs have knowledge gap. You want to improve security for examples but your staffs are busy fighting fires!
2) IT tickets get closed like no one ever care. Simple problems get resolved in 3 days. Backlog pile up.
3) IT department in the organisation is not adding values to the business fast enough.
4) You don't know what happen in your network environment. You drink coffee waiting for your computer to boot up, then your department is being swarmed with call of virus attacks! You just wonder how vulnerable your environment is. No IT staff has time to care.
5) You are running into what I call, "Zero Administration Kit":- 50 Servers and they run by themselves. Your administrator is still struggling how to make a Mac machine to talk to Windows.
6) New business systems are being added. Your help desk support team receive business issue on something that should actually been solved if they have listened carefully during the product training. The vendor has gone so IT becomes FAQ provider. Then you have many business systems. The IT Tickets pile up with solution pending vendor's resolution. Your IT staffs were being seen like some kind of puppet or parrot repeating "we have escalated this to our vendor. They are still working on it" - repeat to fade.

They are some other issues which can simply be a discussion point by itself. Coming back to the original question:
How then do you manage your IT team? What roles do you maintain? What do you outsource? How do you ensure your IT department is like a lubricated machine getting the business to its destination and target rather than becoming like a yank tank with clinking rusty piston with asthmatic breath?

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