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Running low memory software on more ram.

By wayne ·
I guess the question sounds weird but the actual idea is this;

We run a program that was designed to run on win98 with no more than 762mb ram or it loses functionality. It WILL work but certain hotkeys disappear and the undo function won't work..

The System currently running it has 1gig of ram which means I can buy a 256mb stick and essentially downgrade the machine. This is fine but MORE ram is required for image processing etc. with the other software I use...
(I work in the sign industry)

I run the offending first program in compatability mode but wondered if there is a tool or something to force this program to use ONLY 762mb ram without cracking the cases and removing memory when I would rather have more anyway?



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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Running low memory softwa ...

If you are running in Compatibility Mode and there is not newer version of this program available you're basically stuck with what you have working.

It's not reasonable to shut down remove RAM then reboot overtime you wish to run the application and then when you are finished shut down again and replace RAM then reboot.

You may wish to consider having another computer with a smaller RAM Load sitting there with Win 98 installed on it and use a 2 port KMV Switch to switch between the different computers when you need this application. If the smaller Box was only running this application it shouldn't need to be on the network unless you need to share information from this program with others. But you could even have a fairly basic XP machine with a 762 MEG RAM Load or less if you need this networked into the system. You could even install another LAN Card to your first unit and run a crossover between the 2 computers so it doesn't mess the Domain settings if necessary.


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by wayne In reply to Running low memory softwa ...

Yeah that was the other option.

We have that setup in another area I setup only 2 days ago...

Too bad I can't get any kind of funding for more hardware



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by cmiller5400 In reply to Running low memory softwa ...

If you were running 2000/XP pro, you could run a virtual machine to use this program in Win98 with the limited memory.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to

Oh, by the way Virtual PC is free now.

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by wayne In reply to Running low memory softwa ...

Thanks with the Virtual PC idea!
I never even entertained the idea until you suggested it.

It might be the answer, will try and get it set up and let you know.

Thanks again.


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by TheChas In reply to Running low memory softwa ...

Sounds like you are running into W98s large RAM bug.

Give the work-around a try:;en-us;253**2

Alternately, there is a MAXMEM statement that I believe is in MSDOS.SYS

You could invoke that so that Windows ignores the extra RAM, and switch between 2 different files and reboot between applications.


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