Running MS Access through a server

By ohm.paul ·
My company has a small Access database on our server that needs to be accessible by multiple users (10-15) on the network. Since most of the workstations do not currently have Access installed, the database can only be accessed by the few stations that do have it installed.

Is there any way to run Access or access the database from a workstation that does NOT have MS Access installed? I was told that a similar situation was achieved through using a Sharepoint portal on the server and accessing the database through that, but I am skeptical of that solution.

The workstations need to be able to access the database and add records to the database via forms that have been configured. Additionally, the database was designed with Access 2003.

The workstations are configured with XP Pro and the server is running MS Windows Server 2003 with Sharepoint installed.

We are trying to avoid purchasing 10+ MS Access licenses from MS at $200 per license. Please let me know if there is such a way.


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Remote Desktop

by kfrost In reply to Running MS Access through ...

You can create users on the server with minimal rights than have them remote desktop into the server and run access that way. Hope that helps.

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Terminal Services...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Remote Desktop

Yes, but you still have to buy a license for each of the users that will connect to it, as well as a terminal services cal for each user connecting. He was looking to avoid the cost if possible.

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Sharepoint is a better way to go, but

by robo_dev In reply to Running MS Access through ...

you could front-end the database with a web application.

ASPMaker (very slick tool)

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Access runtime

by ohm.paul In reply to Sharepoint is a better wa ...

thank you for your replies...I have been researching some more about it, and I wondered if setting up Access 2003 runtime on each workstation would suffice for this situation. If so, does anyone know how to configure the database for this. The reason I would rather do something like this is because the people using the workstations would be best suited with the interface of MS Access rather than an ASP-designed page.

As for the remote desktop, I would rather not do this because it would require the user to go through too many steps to get to the database and wouldn't be ideal for multiple users of a single database.

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Access 2003 runtime

by ohm.paul In reply to See this MS article...

I think I have found that Access 2003 runtime requires purchasing Access 2003 Developer Extensions, however Access 2007 runtime and Developer Extensions are both free to download. So maybe my best option would be to purchase a copy of Access 2007 and convert the database to Access 2007, then use Runtime 2007 on all the workstations that need to connect to the database.

Does this sound like the best option for this?

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Sounds like a plan

by cmiller5400 In reply to Access 2003 runtime

Although, I would just for giggles, price out the Developer Extensions as well.

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Developer Extensions

by ohm.paul In reply to Sounds like a plan

Since you are required to get Visual Studio Pro in order to get the Developer Extensions for Access 2003, that software costs well over $1000 i have it seems logical to just get a copy of Access 2007 since both the Runtime version and Developer Extensions are free for that version of Access...

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who created the program?

by CG IT In reply to Running MS Access through ...

they should have allowed network connections via \\server\shared database folder and had a client interface.

There are many programs that use MS Access as a database, have a client program GUI that do not require users to have MS Access installed.

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many programs

by ohm.paul In reply to who created the program?

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