Running Multiple Disk Quotas Policies

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Do anyone know of a way to create multiple disk quotas policies in Active Directory. We are running Windows 2003 server and want to create 2 policies to run on each server. One for students and one for teachers. The problem we are having is that the last one applies. I don't think you can assign this to a user container since it is a machine policy. It has to be assigned to the container holding the file server. Has anyone ever done this before?

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Setting Disk Quotas

Setting Disk Quotas

The Disk Management snap-in in the Computer Management console allows an administrator to set a disk quota Group Policy. Dskquota.dll recognizes an administrator who logs on and opens the Computer Management console. The administrator is provided with a list of names from the domain controller. These names are then matched to the security identifier (SID) for current volume users, and the administrator is allowed to enable disk quotas. The administrator can set a policy that controls the use of a computer, domain, or site to enable quota management on individual volumes. The policy is applied to local or remote users as long as the users are located within the same domain as the NTFS volume. At the same time, the administrator can register an event for when a disk quota is reached by a user, such as simply warning the user that a limit has been reached, or preventing the user from saving additional files to the volume.

Enforcement of the user or computer policy is optional. When users reach an enforced disk quota limit, the system responds as though the physical space on the volume were exhausted. When users reach an unenforced limit they can continue to write to the volume as long as physical space is available, but an event is logged to the System log.
Storing Disk Quotas on a Volume

NTFS volumes contain a master file table (MFT), which stores information about all of the files on the volume. Within the MFT are metadata files of attributes of files on the volume.

One of the file attributes of the MFT is $Extend metadata record, one function of which is storing disk quota information for a file. The $Extend attribute is further defined by $Quota. When disk quotas are enabled, NTFS uses a Quota bit in the Standard Information file record attribute, and copies the file size to the Standard Information attribute. Because the attribute is considered a resident attribute, an attribute which can fit within the MFT file record for that file, the MFTcan quickly scan the record to determine the quota assigned to a user.

Disk quotas are stored in the $Quota metadata record. $Quota uses two indexes, $O and $Q. The first index, $O, indexes the owner of a file by the owner?s SID. The second index, $Q, keeps track of the default quotas, thresholds, and quota attributes. When a user is assigned a quota or adds files to a volume with disk quotas enabled, the user?s SID is added to the $O index then assigned an entry in the $Q index specifying the quota limit.

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