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Running out of space on Raid 5

By pshedberg ·
I have a Dell 2600 with three 36 GB SCSI 15 rpm drives with drive c: only set at 5.85 gb and d: at 61.8 gb. The Small Bus Server 2003 OS is on C: and with all the hotfix updates the drive is now full. I have moved everything to the drive that I can. I use this server in a small office for a SQL medical office management system.
Is there any way I can move things around? I have enough experience to have installed the original NT4 system and upgrade to 2003 almost 2 years ago but I am not by any means an IT guy...

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recovering .......process

by luxluv2002 In reply to Running out of space on R ...

reqire you run some scanning program recovery program

than ...see result

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Sounds familiar - almost scary

by MartyL In reply to Running out of space on R ...

I just had a walking tour of a system almost identical to what you describe. Hardware vendor of this med office system is pushing a new server with Win Server 2003 and updated SQL as a response to the user's service call for a crash last month. "Crash" turned out to be loss of - as far as I can tell - a system-level file that was renamed back to life from the recovery console. The UPS was bad and replaced. No explanation was offered beyond, "You need a new server." Comments? I'm recommending the user get some defensible rationale from the vendor while I decide how deep I want to get into this situation - and if I can even help.

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Reclaiming space

by DaHill In reply to Running out of space on R ...

Pshedberg naturally the best solution would be to migrate to a larger box, but in the real world that's not always possible. My suggestion would be if you feel comfortable you are not going to uninstall any windows updates to go under windows and delete the uninstalls. They are under the Windows directory, and they are probably hidden. $NTUnistallKxxxxxx xxx being the patch number, or zip them off, or even move them to a holding area on the larger disk. This could free up about half a gig if you have a lot of them. Also in a pinch you could move the swap file as well, but I wouldn't suggest that unless desparation sets in.

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by pshedberg In reply to Reclaiming space

Someone told me there was software which will allow me to repartitioning of my hard drive without reformatting it. Is this possible?

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by SmilingSheep In reply to Re-partinioning

It is possible, if you can find the right drivers. I'm going to make an assumption: The three drives are RAID5 hardware configured (by the RAID card and not the OS). Using a 73GB or bigger external USB drive, boot to DOS or WinPE/BartPE and run Ghost (Symantec product). Back-up image with verification to the external drive, then restore it back to the same drive. During the restore, you can specify new sizes of the logical drives.

The reason I say, "If you have the right drivers" is you'll have to get the drivers for the RAID card from [Dell] to load during the DOS or PE boot process, so you can see the drive.

Be sure you have made a known good set of back-ups first, just in case.

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create a symbolic link with junction.exe

by JoshK In reply to Running out of space on R ...

You could use the free tool from called junction. It can create a symbolic link for a folder such as "program Files" or some other large area of space. You still reference everything using the same path on C: but it automatically redirects the storage space to a place of your choosing on . Of course, if you can move the pagefile to d: and resolve your problems that is simplest. Or you could delete the uninstall information for the hotfixes. If you have already done that and exhausted other options, then junction can make it easy to keep things on C: for the path but actually use the storage on .

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Space Hog idea

by warreno In reply to create a symbolic link wi ...

While you're planning the expansion, look at the size of the Recycle Bin, as a percentage of the disk size. The default is 10%, which is a space hog. I usually change it to 1% or 2% max. On a 36GB drive, you just freed up 3GB!

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It worked for me

by imolina In reply to Running out of space on R ...

I have follow most of the recommendations posted here and I have regained more than 15% of needed space, especially when I moved the Uninstall files to a different drive. . I need to upgrade a Win 2000 DC to Win 2003 reason why I also need the space for the upgrade. Does someone in this forum know how much minimum free space I I will need for the upgrade?

Good luck to you all.

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