Running parallel system Until System Completely Cleaned of virus.

By eveacct ·
I overheard an IT Pro who is installing new hardware and software at a client, that the client will have to run parallel systems until all the virus have been removed from the old system. The old systems is Windows NT network, Windows NT workstations,

Since I am only an accountant, I wondered if the IT guy knew what he was talking about.

Why can't he just clean the server and workstations with AV software?

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That would depend

by jdmercha In reply to Running parallel system U ...

On what the system was running, how critical the system is, and to what extent it has been affected by a virus.

Not to mention the resources (systems) available to work with.

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You can or better still just dump the entire old system

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Running parallel system U ...

But that will result in masses of Downtime on the new system particularly as very few would know just how it worked properly and could result in a total shut down of the business for an extended period of time.

Personally I would never suggest to any client to remove existing hardware/Software fit a new system and just leave them to it as they would have all kinds of problems.

A recent client that I picked up had exactly that done to them and for 3 weeks there was no possibility of any work getting done because the system wasn't setup correctly and more importantly the staff didn't know how to use it so any parts couldn't be invoiced out from the warehouse and any new product couldn't be sold.

As a favour I walked in there and fixed things up and taught the staff how the system worked. This was entirely out of self interest as my mother had a broken unit from them and they couldn't get the parts out of the warehouse to repair it.

I left a business card there just in case they ran into any problems so that they could give me a phone call for help. About 3 days latter I got a payment that was about 10 times the actual cost of the work that I had done there and they wouldn't have it any other way as I had actually saved them Millions of $ by fixing the system up so that they could work.

Apparently the suppliers had ripped out the entire old system after backing it up and then when the new system had been fitted they just dumped the data into the system without importing it so it wasn't possible to actually read the data.

No Data = No Work! It's as easy as that.

Of course if they where willing to wait another 2 weeks they would have had a Consultant out there to show them how to use the new system and on paper it looked to be the cheaper alternative.

But when any form of LAN is involved you should always run the old one in parallel until the staff are at home with the new system so that you minimise Down Time on any Mission Critical Applications. In the above case the Accounts Department couldn't issue any payments to staff and more importantly couldn't accept any of the monthly lease or contract payments that had been issued on the previous system as they had no way of recording the data as it was entered. Needless to say the Staff payment was a big issue that was worked around.


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by eveacct In reply to You can or better still j ...

Since the only system changing is the operating system, then all the old programs and data files should just be cleaned by the anti virus program.

Running parrallel systems just because the operating system changed does not compute, too me anyway.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ONLY AN OPERATING SYSTEM ...

Depends on the software involved if it will work or not. Many Programs that will run on NT Will Not run on XP. Some can be replaced with new versions or different offerings but then again some can not be changed.

As an example there is a program Called Site Works which involved a NT4 Server and Laser Sighting Equipment all around the earthworks and on every piece of plant. This allows the people involved to perform earthworks to within 2 CM of the designed plan with no backfilling or excess fuel used. Only problem is that it Will Not Run on anything newer than NT4.

If you don't think that there are major differences between NT and Y2k Server or 2003 Server you are living in a fools paradise as many of the NT programs will just not run on the newer OS and even if there is a newer version available that can in most cases you are limited to a 2 version ability to import the data to the new program and then the programs stop working and the importation and change of Data to the new format can not be performed. When this happens the only real answer is to reenter all the data again from scratch.

The bottom line is You Can Not Trust M$ to have things work as they say that they will as I've yet to see this happen. Granted I've only been working with computers since 1974 so I don't have a great deal of knowledge about unimportant things like Mission Critical Business Applications but I've seen far too many instances over my working life where foolish people have thought just like you only to cost their company Millions of $ in lost production and in the worst cases destroy the company completely. Generically it's a slow process where the customers loose faith in the company and shop elsewhere and the company profitability drops so to cut costs the technical staff are cut back which adversely impacts on the existing customers belief in the company concerned so at the first opportunity they move to another supplier and the cycle continues. The funny thing is that in every case where I've seen this happen the Upper Management has been getting enormous bonuses while sales and profitability are falling and to combat this they put on more people in the Accounts department to skim even more money out of their current customers which only helps to drive them away faster.

No matter what in every case where I've seen this happen the company has gone broke owing Millions and it's always the minor staff who fail to get paid while the Upper Management walk away with a Golden Handshake for sending the place broke.

But don't believe me as I'm only paid for my knowledge try it out for yourself and see just how far you actually get. :^0

Incidentally it's much harder to clean up a mess that is brought about like this than to do the job properly in the first place and get it right the First Time.

Why would the accounting section of a business be willing to pay me 20K for what was effectively a few hours work if they didn't see some benefit from my work? From what I've been told the head of that department who had made the original decision to dump the old and replace everything with the new over 1 weekend was the one copping it in the neck for his foolishness. And that was only a jump from Y2k to 2003.

To me placing all your eggs in one basket and hope for the Best Doesn't Compute as you are bound to end up in tears for all concerned except the hardware supplier who already have their money and don't need to provide a decent service as the company that they have just done this to will not be around long enough to need replacement hardware so they loose nothing. If they do provide the necessary service it costs them money which they didn't add into the original contract and they go broke.

When Push comes to Shove it will always be the on who supplies the stuff who has the upper hand with any business and the idea of Parallel computing while a change over occurs is nothing new and has been happening since the very beginning of the Computer Industry. We run the new system as a Dummy mode just to see if it works correctly and then when it's proved itself we switch slowly from the old to the new system.


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Didn't Mean to Offend

by eveacct In reply to Really?????

Last paragraph answered my question.

Since I have seen situations mentioned in your two posts, I understand about getting it right.

In every field there are good consultants and there are bad consultants.

Thanks for your input.

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No offence taken actually

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Didn't Mean to Offend

I'm glad that I could spell out what the proper way of doing things is as apposed to what many currently in the industry do.


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