Running scripts created with Tweakomatic

By jbaker1971 ·
I downloaded 'Tweakomatic' to help with creating an answer file with a user profile configuration.
I'm quite new with scripts and all that but I have run a few in the command line using 'cscript' and when I've done that It gives me results which I can understand.
Tweakomatic lets me view the scripts for given tasks, such as retrieving the value (from the registry) of the font size in the command window.
The values it gives are from the Tweakomatic database file(so it says),not my current system, which are really the values that I could do with knowing, this is why I have tried to run these scripts in the command line. But when I do, it gives me strange results instead of the Hex values that I am after. It gives me a number like 786440.
I know that if I go to the registry and find this key that the Hex value is...........oh, hang on , oh yeah, I see.
when you do a value change you can view the value in either hex or Dec, and I just remembered some of that hex conversion stuff what I did at college.O.k never mind, I think I just answered my own question, although I would still be grateful if anyone could tell me more about these values in Tweakomatic.
Are they always the defaults from the Tweak database file? and does it save any of your changes to that database file at all.?
I'll keep playing with it I guess and figure it out some more but I've got a heap of films to decode and author aswell so It might have to wait a few days. If you have anything to add to this garble then please feel free to add whatever. Thanks

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