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Running Setup.exe To Load A Software

By arod ·
I attempted to load a sports training software from
a CD to my home PC. I've tried to use the Run option, from start, and the Setup.exe that is on the CD. Neither would load. I do get a error msg. I do not have access to this msg at this minute.
I was able to load the same software from this CD
using the setup.exe from within this CD on to another
PC. It worked fine.
Why would it not work on the first PC? What should I look for on the first PC to change/correct?
I am using Windows 98
Thanks for info.

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to Running Setup.exe To Load ...

Try this:
Create a folder on your C drive
Copy the contents of the CD into that new folder
Boot into safe mode
Run the setup.exe from the folder on the C drive.

Running in Safe Mode eliminates a lot of the drivers/background programs that can cause conflicts, so the chances of a successful install are increased.

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by arod In reply to

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I tried the executable after loading the CD data in a new folder. Did not work. Only thing I was not able to do was, boot in a Safe Mode. I did reboot, but could not get to this mode. Thanks for info.

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to Running Setup.exe To Load ...

The only reason to copy the data into a folder was so that you can run it while in Safe Mode (CDs usually aren't available in Safe Mode). If you press the F8 key during the boot process, before Windows starts to load, you should receive a menu with boot options. Option 3 will be Safe Mode.

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by res7ip3s In reply to Running Setup.exe To Load ...

First off, make sure that the other PC, meets all of the system requirements. Next check to see if the software requires specific componets,such as activeX,flash or macromedia or shockwave, if so get the updates. Make sure that the CD does not have a virus. If it does and you have virus scan enabled it will not let you install it. Also make sure of your system,such as (Mac) or standard windows. Just a few suggestions also check your ram, and free hard disk space.

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by aquaris In reply to Running Setup.exe To Load ...

1- Check for any scratches on the CD especially if they are on the inner rim...that could me making your Cd difficult to access...

2- Run SFC that is the System File checker...

START--->> Run and then type SFC in the command box..

it will scan and repair any corrupt system files..if any....

the third is is to right click and explore the as to have a view..of both your partitions and CD rom on the left hand side..
click the CD rom's icon..and see if the setup file on the CD ...shows up as a complete icon...not as a broked...Win32 application ...if is appears as a completel Icon...then tey to installing it from double clicking..the SETUP icon..

PS some times CD rom itself due to dust..or other due to unclean lens are unable to properly read...the CD rom's that is either clean its lens using a lens cleaner..or use any other CD rom to see if thing improve..

hope it helps..

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