Running SQL Server 2008 Standard on a Windows 7 Pro PC

By Ben Kitchener ·

I have a client who needs to SQL Server 2008 on a powerful PC on there domain network. They currently run 28 computers on there domain currently running 2 SQL databases that are about to go over 4GB in size hence the reason to upgrade to the full version of SQL Server 2008 instead of the express version.

As they already have a domain controller it is not recomended to run SQL on this server due to security. I have already tried the install and it failed anyway due to a conflict that not even the software vendor could overcome after 18 hours.

My exact question is, can I install the MS SQL Server on a Windows 7 PC (A very powerful one, 4GB, i7 etc.) for a database that upto 25 users will connect to (maximum of 15 at a time).

I normally run it on a domain server, but in this case the software vendor has advised against it.

Thanks All.

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It's not ideal, but it should work

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Running SQL Server 2008 S ...

What was the conflict, and is it 64 bit.

We have full versions of 2008 running on win 7 64 and 32, for development.

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Also you need to remember that the 7 Systems

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Running SQL Server 2008 S ...

Have a upper Limit of Concurrent connections. As there is a Domain in place here I'm assuming that they have high enough versions of 7 to work on the Domain but they will only allow 10 Concurrent Connections. This is a lot less than the required 25 users that you are asking about here.

If they need all 25 Users to work on the same D Base at the same time you're going to need another Server to run it on.


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