Running vbs scripts and searching Questions

By Snak ·
A bit unfair I know but I have two questions. The first I'm sure has already been answered but when you see the second, you'll understand why I've asked it.

1. How do I run a .vbs script?
2. How do I search the Questions forum for silly questions like 1?

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Running vbs scripts and searching Questions

by Snak In reply to Running vbs scripts and s ...

1. CSCRIPT.EXE is (or should be) in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32.

Use CSCRIPT <path to vbs file>

2. Type a keyword (VBScript in this case) into the search box and then sort through the forum posts hoping that a) people have given their posts useful titles and b) you can sort discussions from questions.

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How to run VB Scripts

by TimothyJ In reply to Running vbs scripts and s ...

If you are running them from DOS, you can open a command prompt and type the following:

CSCRIPT Script.vbs

where "Script.vbs" is the name of your script. If you need to pass arguments / variable data to the script, it would look like this:

CSCRIPT Script.vbs Variable1, Variable2, etc. (as many as you need).

The same would be true for running scripts in batch files. Hope that helps!

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