Running Windows 2000 Professional as a Web Server.

By Oktet ·
I was planning on using my extra Windows 2000 Professional box as a Web Server to host my web page; however, I had one question about hosting my own web site from my own Web Server.

I have about 5 computers on a SOHO (Small Office Home Office Network all networked and one of them I just added (Windows 2000 Professional).

I also have a VOIP phone on the network.

The router is a Linksys WRT54GS encrypted with WPA Personal-TKIP.

Question: How safe is it to run a Web Server
from this given network. I am more worried about the security related with adding and running a Web Server from home.

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Disable unwanted stuff

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Running Windows 2000 Prof ...

Is this for intranet or internet access?
If intranet, then you do not need to lock it down that much. Try using the free IISLockdown tool to remove unwanted extra IIS stuff such as IP PRinting, IIS Admin tools and so on.
If its accessible from the internet then you need to make sure SP4 is installed and all updates afterwards. Disable unneeded services and do not install any extra programs on that may have security holes.

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Thanks for the information,

by Oktet In reply to Disable unwanted stuff

it is for internet access, and I just want to have some fun and learn about running a "secure" Web Server from the house. I will start reading on the IISLockdown tool; in addition, to downloading IISLockdown tool.

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