Running Yahoo Photomail in Mozilla

By Eddie, GH ·
Is it possible to use run Yahoo photomail in Mozilla? The browser does not seem to support that Yahoo application.

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Time to Ditch Mozilla

by TheChas In reply to Running Yahoo Photomail i ...

If you are actually running the Mozilla browser suite, it is past time to change your browser.

The Mozilla Foundation stopped official effort on Mozilla over a year ago.

You are vulnerable to virus and other security risks.

If you are running either Firefox 2.0, or SeaMonkey, start by looking though the list of published extensions and add-ons.


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Add-ons & Extensions won't help

by Eddie, GH In reply to Time to Ditch Mozilla

I have been away for a while, that's the reason for the long delay.

The Firefox 2 add-ons and extensions do not feature how to run photomail (a Yahoo product). How do I get help from there?

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Yahoo Extension

by TheChas In reply to Add-ons & Extensions won' ...

Have you installed the Yahoo Photo Extension for Firefox?

And, set Yahoo as a trusted site?

I am making the assumption that you need to get Yahoo Photo working properly for Photo Mail to function properly.


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Yahoo photos work, but...

by Eddie, GH In reply to Yahoo Extension

Righto, Yahoo photos work alright in firefox 2.0

Let me explain further. When I use IE, I get a photomail toolbar that allows me to add pictures into the body of the message, not necessarily as an attachment. This toolbar loads with the button bar at the top of the window.

It is this photomail toolbar that does not seem to load when I use firefox. That is my problem.

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Just Tried to Install PhotoMail

by TheChas In reply to Yahoo photos work, but...

I just attempted to install Yahoo Photo Mail on my PC from inside Firefox.

This is what I got back when I clicked on the link to install Photomail:

"We're sorry, but your computer doesn't currently meet the system requirements for PhotoMail. To use PhotoMail, you need to be on a Windows 2000 or Windows XP PC running Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher. Click here to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.

In the future, we hope to offer PhotoMail for a wider range of operating systems and platforms. In the meantime, you can always share photos using the "Attach Files" button in Yahoo! Mail, or check out Yahoo! Photos for easy ways to share your digital pictures with friends. Go to Yahoo! Mail"

So, it looks like the official Yahoo Photomail program and toolbar only work with IE.

You might give this Firefox Extension a try:


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Guess That's It

by Eddie, GH In reply to Just Tried to Install Pho ...

Thanks, Chas. I guess that confirms what I thought.

I will try out the extension you suggested.

Thanks again.

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