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Running your own email Server

By kseannng ·
I just purchased a domain and i am hosting it on a windows 2003 standard server. I got the website working. When I purchased the domain they gave me 1 email address. I would like to host my own email server. I do not want to spend more money to get exchange 2003 etc.

What good email hosting software is out there that supports pop3? I would like to use some sort of freeware.


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Use Inbuilt Server 2003 Messaging

by Michael O'Brien In reply to Running your own email Se ...

There are a number of options here for you, but it could be worth running Mail Enable (

Its free and is a pretty good product.

Simply what you need to do is configure your Domains DNS MX Record to change from its current ip to the IP of your Broadband/Cable Router (providing its a Static IP You have).

Setup port forwarding to your Windows 2003 Server hosting Mailenable, port 25.

There is a sneaky way to get this to work if you have a dynamic ip.

Register a free noip domain at and run the no-ip client on your server to update your ip when it changes.

What you need to do is change your MX Record to point to the Address that you select (e.g

For example i run this on my exchange server at home my mx record for points to and my router is configured to pass all port 25 comms to ghost (my exchange server).

This should get you up and running

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Check your service agreement if its running off broadband

by DanLM In reply to Running your own email Se ...

I know that mail ports are blocked on my connection, thats why I say this.


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