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RWW Stopped Working

By clokey ·
Hi all,

I am new to these boards and need some help. We use SBS 2003 which is firewalled through ISA 2004 Standard Edition. RWW has stopped working and I cannot figure out why at all. Nothing has changed in Firewall or Group Policy settings. GP still has "Allow logon through Terminal Services" enabled for Administrators and Remote Desktop Users. I have made sure every user is part of the Remote Desktop User group. ISA has a rule that explicitly allows all TCP traffic on port 4125 enabled (set up a long time ago) I myself have not used RWW (until several unsuccessful attempts this morning), but users who have were last able to connect Saturday Night.

When you try connecting now the following message pops up:
"VBScript Remote Desktop Disconnected
The client could not establish a connection to the remote computer. The most likely causes for this are:

1) Remote connections might not be allowed at the remote computer
2) The Maximum number of connections might be exceeded at the remote computer.
3) A network error might have occured while establishing the connection.
4) The Remote Web Workplace designated port might be blocked by a firewall."

I have made sure to explicitly specify the allowed remote users on the remote computer and still nothing. I have checked the event log, checked ISA and do not see any entries that give an indication as to why the connection failed. I can remote desktop into the computers just fine. I read one article that stated it could have happened with the upgrade of xp sp3 which may have disabled the Microsoft Terminal Services Client Control add on in internet explorer. However on NONE of my client pcs do I even see this add in at all, only on the server, and it is enabled. Please please please if anyone has any help at all it would be supremely appreciated. I have spent all day on this =(. If any further information/config details are needed please let me know and I will respond.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give!


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Welcome aboard, but you need to repost your question.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to RWW Stopped Working

You've made a mistake common to new TR members by posting your technical question in the Discussions forum. Copy the text of your original question and repost it using the "Ask A Question" link at the top of the page.

There's not a 100% overlap between the members who look at the two forums. Many of us who are better at explaining and troubleshooting frequent the Questions forum without ever visiting the Discussions side. Your question will get their attention and have a better chance of being answered in that forum. In addition, the Questions forum has a feedback mechanism to let future readers know if you found the answers to be useful.

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Sorry about that...

by clokey In reply to Welcome aboard, but you n ...

Thanks for the pointer. I have since reposted it in the questions forum :)

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