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S. room Temp. suggestion

By johnnywatt ·
Fellow IT'ers, can I get a recommendation on a server room tempature for small room, 3 servers and phone system?

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Server room temperature

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to S. room Temp. suggestion

If you can keep the room in the low 70s F., that would be good. Do you have a separate thermostat in the room? Don't forget ventilation.

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by johnnywatt In reply to Server room temperature

There is a separate thermostat. It appears to be room tempature around 76.

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Operation parameters

by Cactus Pete In reply to S. room Temp. suggestion

Look at the parameters for the hardware you have. Should be in the manual.

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by johnnywatt In reply to Operation parameters

No manuals, sorry.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to No

The model can probably be found on the website of the manufacturer. If you have any trouble, post the models and I'll help you out (probably someone will even beat me to it...)

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What Dell says

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Website
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DELL and Compaqs

by johnnywatt In reply to What Dell says

1 DELL PowerEdge server, 2 Compaq Servers and 3 other workstation PCs in the room. Also a PBX, dMarc , Adtran and Cisco 1700 router. Relatively small room. I am starting a new job and would like to offer a recommendation on room tempature. When I popped in during my interview it was room tempature and I thought to myself, this can't be good.

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Thank you

by johnnywatt In reply to Website

Thank you for your help. I don't have the model number at this time. Do you agree with the post of 68 F for server room tempature?

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S. Room temp

by Newu In reply to Thank you

If you keep it in the 68-70 range you shouldn't have any problem.

I have seen a server room that had servers running in 79-** degree heat. Despite repeated suggestions to get the room better AC they decided not to do anything about it. The interesting part is that the servers in the room haven't had any problems......yet.

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Length of time?

by johnnywatt In reply to S. Room temp

How long have they been running under those tempatures? Just curious

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