s-video and extended desktop on linux

By tor ·
In this case ubuntu; surely there must be a way to get s-vidoe out and second monitor out working under linux on a laptop (in this case a Toshiba satellite A110).

If anybody has this capability please make it available.

Lack of this capability is hindering effective linux use and uptake. It is hard to believe it is as hard as it appears.

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Sorry, but that isn't helpful

by tor In reply to Google is your friend

I've been there, tried that and still can't output to s-video.

The forum posts I've reviewed, including this one referenced by JMGarvin, are confusing and counterintuitive (perhaps intuitive is a MicroSoft/Toshiba trademark??).

I've tried ATI Catalyst without success, except it does clone bootup desktop to TV but not output from apps.

Any help appreciated; please don't make me go back to MicroSoft, please!

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You're gonna have to more info

by jmgarvin In reply to Sorry, but that isn't hel ...

Are you getting any errors? Is there any information about the output? What do the logs say?

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Some small success on s-vidoe and audio out to TV

by tor In reply to You're gonna have to more ...

I did scrounge around and found a new set of ATI video drivers which does let me s-video out (albeit only after plugging in and then re-boot). Switching from laptop screen to tv and back doesn't work using any combination of standard Toshiba type keystrokes.

Audio is still not working; plug in a strereo or mono jack to the headphone socket and nothing comes out the other end; ditto for headphones.

To solve the problem I bought a new laptop using Vista and a new lcd tv.

I am a Linux Forever convert, nonetheless, and I expect one day there will be a fix; perhaps the newer computers. once ubuntu'ed, won't have this problem.

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Well I'm at a loss here as well

by OH Smeg In reply to s-video and extended desk ...

The Toshiba NB range is pretty straight forward and the External Monitor as well as S Video are part of the Video Chip Set here so if the internal Monitor works the others have to work there are no other drivers to install or packages involved.

If you care to state what's happening here as what should happen is that the External Monitor should be switchable from the Keyboard and the SVideo should be a reflection of what is on the monitor.

Just a note here Toshiba make several different A110 you need to provide the full model number so we know which NB you have

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