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By dsiverson ·
I have an AverMedia and want to connect a computer to display on the TV using the AverMedia. Just using the RCA jacks plugged into the Video In on the TV and the Video port on the computer does not give a very good picture. There are also s-video cables in the package. Does the TV need to have the s-video jack or does the computer.

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by MallardtooXX In reply to S-video

you gotta have them on both. unless you have a composite to s-video converter or v/v then it won't matter


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composite to s-video????

by dsiverson In reply to both

what is a composite to s-video or v/v

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There are converters

by MallardtooXX In reply to composite to s-video????

Go to radio shack. They make a converter that changes composite (RCA jacks) to S-video and Visa Versa. If you do not have S video ins and outs on both components then you will not be able to use the S video cables. If you get a converter you can. But I do not think it will help your picture situation because you are converting a signal back to composite from s video so you may have problems. however if you have s video ins on your tv then you can convert the signal from composite to s video and you should be fine. make sense? here check out this may help.


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S-Video/Base Band

by vegatecgroup In reply to S-video

I have used the Averkey products myself. The S-Video cable that you got with your media converter will plug into the Averkey converter and then into the S-video jack on the TV. The baseband or RCA jacks are not good delivery systems for video and sound over long lengths of cable, usually 10+ feet of cable. Some of the better Averkey media converters come with RF cable jacks. The RF signal is actually better and will also allow much longer runs of cable, 25 to 50 feet, without a degraded signal.Radio shack does have a media converter that will change the base band signal(RCA jacks) into an RF coaxal cable signal, if you are placing the computer a good distance away from the TV. Try each method out to see what kind of picture you get. In all seriuousness, it is better to get a digital TV with direct computer inputs on it or a computer with its own baseband signal processor in it. Many Sony Vaio laptops come with RCA jacks. You can plug these laptops right into a video projector with little hassle and they work great.

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