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    S22 ui lag issues


    by claquesift0p ·

    So recently I finally made the switch from iPhone to android. Coming off the iPhone 11 and going to the s22+ and it’s been a mixed experience and I was wanting to know if the issues im having others are as well. My issue is that certain social media apps will run like shit such as Twitter and reddit with stutters every time I scroll while on others like YouTube or Netflix it runs fine. It’s so weird and I’ve seen nobody talk about it. I downloaded a fps counter to see what was going on and it said that it was never dropping bellow 120 fps. I’ve also gotten the occasional ui lag on my home screen but nothing serious. So i wanted to know if anyone else has experienced it because even on my 2 1/2 year old iPhone 11 it really never suttered much on some apps although it has a really crapy screen and refresh rate. I have 11 days left if I want to return it. So, should I keep it or take it back.

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      by rproffitt ·

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      At first I was going to note the usual but then I checked out and WELP. Bail while you still can.

      I do not expect updates to cure this one.

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      by Willjoe24 ·

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      From the Settings menu, tap Apps and then select the problematic app. On the App info, tap Storage. Tap Clear cache at the bottom to clear cache from the app. Tap Clear data to delete all residual data accumulated when using the application


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