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    SA 520 or ASA5505 ?


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    I am looking to setup a new firewall for a small business (25 Users). I am debating which of the following devices is the better option:

    ASA 5505-BUN-K9 or SA520-K9

    Which of the two appliances is more reliable?

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      The ASA 5505 is mucccch better. The SA500 is a re-branded Linksys

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      Not everything made by Cisco is made of gold

      The above review states:

      “Well, instead of telling you what to do, allow me to tell you what not to do. Not just that, let me drill into your collective skulls what not to do. Are you ready? Here it comes:

      Do not, and this is key, so write it down??? do not buy a Cisco SA 500 series device.

      Did you get all that down? Now, I know some of you are thinking, ???Wait a minute there, sir! Cisco makes excellent business systems! I am shocked at your lack of understanding!??? For those of you saying that, you have probably used something like the Cisco ASA 5505 to wrangle your network and think Cisco walks on water. It???s okay??? until recently I was one of you. I???m here to tell you that putting the SA 500 in the same category as the ASA 5505 is akin to putting your child???s refrigerator ???art??? in the same category as the Mona Lisa (sorry, moms).”

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      Go For Enterprise Level whenever you can

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      Generally speaking, you always want to use Cisco’s enterprise level stuff if you have the option, vs their small business lines. While I’m sure their SMB products are very nice, they’re not in the same league as the enterprise stuff.

      ASA vs SA? Get the ASA.
      Catalyst vs SC switch? Get the Catalyst

      The ASA is built from the ground up to be a security device, and has a very long lineage behind it. Make sure you get the appropriate license level for the ASA when you get it though! They come with different user counts, and you want to make certain you’re running a license capable of handling the number of users you have.

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      How to Block gmail in an organisation?

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      Hi all……
      I want to deny the gmail access of staffs in my office. what is the simple method? i tried the host file editing method. but it does not work in this case. i also tried through kaspersky antivirus parental control…. 🙁

      all users are in domain, and they want google search….

      pls help….

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