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Fix a keyboard error that doesn't work on Windows 10?

My computer is running Windows 10. But my computer has a keyboard error that does not work on Windows 10. Is there any way to handle this error? Please help me. Thank you.

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I "translated" the title of your question from Vietnamese into English (using an online translator), so I hope it did a somewhat acceptable translation.
What is the error you are receiving? Have you tried a different keyboard? Knowing these may help members guide you to resolving your issue.

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keyboard problem

by himanshu2 In reply to Fix a keyboard error that ...

As I understand you face an issue with your keyboard.
It is due to some reason
1. Check your connection
2. Check the wireless keyboard power switch
3. Check wireless keyboard batteries and wireless adapters
4. USB hub not working
5. update of the driver
Hope you will check all these points after that your keyboard works

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by samgord In reply to Fix a keyboard error that ...

you mean stationary keyboard or screen one?

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by nehasynarion In reply to keyboard

You may check the connection properly and update the drivers in windows 10. Your keyword works after this process

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by danielfranco0234 In reply to Keyboard

Sometimes your keyboard or mouse may have some simple driver problem, it can be easily resolved by going into Device Manager and uninstalling both the PS/2 or USB Keyboard driver and the HID Keyboard Device driver and restarting.

A couple of times I had problems with some keys that were not responding (I thought it was a physical failure), but it was simply some conflict or issue within the drivers that got resolved that way.

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