SaaS Market Information

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As a SaaS provider, what more would you like to know about your Market?

In the scenario where you can’t make the time to research it on your own, what SaaS

Market information would you find beneficial and useful to know?

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saas knowledge

by asamits765 In reply to SaaS Market Information

I would love to know about it. Please, somebody, explain it in brief. The only thing I know about SaaS is it's full form i.e. software as a service.

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It basically means you rent the software

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to saas knowledge

Not on your computer locally which was an option in the very early days of people talking about this but now days in a platform provided by a vendor who does everything for you. They provide the Software update and patch it as the maker releases Patches and whatever else that the maker recommends.

They also provide storage for data that you produce or conversly allow you to store it Locally on your computer depending on your need.

You can rent different Software over a set time or with an open ended time frame and you can chose which software you rent.

Office 365 is an example of SaaS where you pay a set amount to use the software and when you stop paying you can no longer use it.

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