SaaS Market Research

By Go123Maj ·
What other points should I research for my SaaS Market Research? What other topics would SaaS companies be interested in knowing, besides the ones I've got so far?

1. Market knowledge - How to identify and approach your Market/ICP?
• Potential client mapping
• Understanding your Ideal Client's Profile
• Tactics you could use for targeting your Ideal Clients

2. Competition knowledge - Do you know Your Service Opponents?
• Other competitor software's strengths and weaknesses
• What is your market positioning?
• Are there any substitutes for your SaaS solution?

3. Industry knowledge - Where is your business headed in the long run?
• How big is your SaaS segment? Is the industry growing?
• Important trends in your industry segment
• Associations, events, summits, tradeshows and fairs that your SaaS Company should attend

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Just the Elephant in the Room

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to SaaS Market Research

How likely is it that you are going to get Cracked by a Foregin Government to get to your customers data.

This is the big one over the last day or so and something that very few are willing to address.

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Keeping customer data safe

by Go123Maj In reply to Just the Elephant in the ...

Hmm, this would mean that a high-level security measures would have to be employed, in order to try and make the customers' data safe and secure.

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Exactly and as the Cloud Providers main claim to fame

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Keeping customer data saf ...

Is Security just how secure is the data that they hold?

Granted Foregin Government Cracking is hard to deal with but it has been shown to be happening NOW so why would anyone put their data in the Cloud particuarly if they are involved in Government Work for their own Country or even if they are only marginaly involved through a company that they supply?

This just goes to show how insecure the Cloud actually is and why companies should not be using it. When these places can not change the default password on their Routers how can we expect them to secure their data let alone connect to the cloud that may very well store their data in a different series of counteries where different Laws Apply.

The one thing that the cloud has going for it is Security and now it appears that this isn't so.

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Much obliged

by Go123Maj In reply to Exactly and as the Cloud ...

I understand your point of view. Thank you for your input!

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