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safe mode exiting

By jbwong ·
I have a user that is automatically in safe mode due to config. The problem is that he cannot log into the computer because it does not recognize his username or pass. Is there a way to bypass the username/password to get back into windows.

Or, is there a combination of ctrl+key to log into normal windows mode?


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by ReWrite In reply to safe mode exiting

I don't really understand what the problem is but you can get to the classic logon screen by holding the ctrl+alt keys and hitting the del key 2 times. This will bring you to the classic logon dialog box. Log on as the administrator and correct any problems with the user's account.



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by razz2 In reply to safe mode exiting

It would seem the question should be "why does it not recognize the User/Password?" and not "how do I bypass it?". If there is a problem with the password then there are many threads on a forgotten password and how to change/reset them.

If it does not recognize it, then that means you are going in Normal and being denied. So what makes you think is a config issue with Safe Mode?


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by foiled In reply to safe mode exiting

Your question is not clear so it leads to a lot of different possible interpretations. Here is mine. When your user starts his pc it is automatically going into safe mode. In safe mode you can only log in using a local username or local administrator's account. A domain name will not work. In order to boot normally so your user can log into a domain you must reboot and hit the F8 key when windows starts to load. This will bring you to a menu where you can choose normal boot. The underlying question is why is Windows booting into safe mode? You may have bigger problems.

Good Luck.

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