safe mode shut down

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I have the oddest problem it seems that when I am in safe mode and run mbam or SAS or any other security app, or any defrag program the computer just shuts down...no error is given and the strange thing is in normal mode, this doesn't happen, only in safe mode, does not mbam and sas like safe mode?? this is a toshiba laptop running vista 32 bit, 2 GB RAM and plenty of hard drive and an AMD Turion 64x2 mobile TL-58 processor.

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Just Checked on my lenovo laptop,

along with a dell desktop, a acer laptop, and a hp desktop (running xp pro 32 bit, vista home basic 32 bit, 7 home premium, and vista home premium 64 bit respectively). None had issues with mbam, SAS, avira, or clamwin in safe mode.

With the issues currently being faced on a bunch of computers I'm helping someone work with, in which safe mode itself can't be accessed, I'm loathe to say that it's a malware issue, but prepare for the possibility.

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by seanferd In reply to Just Checked on my lenovo ...

Isn't that annoying?

You can try copying the Safe Boot registry keys from a working system with the same OS, but it doesn't always work. In the case that it doesn't, SFC or a repair install probably won't work either, but one can always try.

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Since it's possible that there is some kind of infection

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to safe mode shut down

You can try reading this TR Blog on using Rescue Disc's to scan & clean your computer before going any further


That would be my starting point to work from as this isn't supposed to happen.


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