Safe Mode, Windows Seven

By santeewelding ·
I have, from time to time, since I installed W7 some months ago, attempted to get into Safe Mode the way I got into it with XP Pro -- sitting on F8 at boot. Didn't work.

Googled it, but found little to nothing. I was tempted to just physically pull the router plug to guarantee I would not be online in order to run a paid MalwareBytes version full scan, as per all the advice I am privy to on TR Questions.

I did find on TR a hint a time back. Tonight I tried.

I opened Run and entered msconfig. In Boot options, I chose restart in minimal Safe Mode and hit the button. Worked. It restarted and I got the familiar screen with crude graphics.

At which time I was able to select MBAM and to go for it:

"Objects scanned: 182277
Objects infected: 0
Scan type: Full scan [C:\]
Time elapsed: 13 minute, 9 second
The scan completed successfully. No malicious items were detected."

Confirmed, as I sat transfixed by the progress (yes, I'm one of those who tries to read the progress, specially at the end of the string, which goes way too fast for the eye), by my observation of the router lights. They were out.

Then, out; back to Run and msconfig; uncheck the box; Okay. Restart worked.

My Question: is this the way it's done nowadays with W7? Seems untoward to me.

I'd rather sit on F8 with my fingers crossed.

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No it isn't

by tintoman In reply to Safe Mode, Windows Seven

The way it's done in W7
However if you have a USB or wireless keyboard it might be that your F8 instruction is non-functional until Windows is loaded.
In that case you need to check your bios set up to make sure the keyboard is enabled during boot up.
Also you might like to try the F5 key instead which is sometimes the one that invokes the startup menu.
If all else fails and provided you have a ps2 connector on your pc you could plug in a ps2 keyboard.
On a final note Scanning the system with MBAM in safe is not advisable as some harmful processes cannot be detected in safe mode since they are not running.

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