Safe Mode

By Robert Przybylowicz ·
I have a client that has entered into Safe Mode via MSCONFIG. He states that when he moves the mouse he looses all his icons only to see the four corners of Safe Mode and the screen goes black.

I tried Ctrl\Alt\Delete\Task Manager but it goes blank. It is Vista OEM no disk. I am in another state so I can only help him over the phone.

I'm thinking corrupt Boot.INI file or HDD bad. He has an emachine. Any help would be great.


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Does your client have

by Michael Jay In reply to Safe Mode

another pc to use to download a live cd or generic memory test, anything to see if the unit can actually boot up.

If they do and can, that would eliminate all but the hard drive or possible corruption thereon.

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May be simpler

by santeewelding In reply to Safe Mode

I go into Safe Mode -- dead Safe Mode; dead minimum, with no networking -- all the time, at the moment with W7. That's what the screen does. It goes black. Little thingies at four corners, is all. There are no icons. There is nothing. In W7, compared to absence in XP, there does appear on the right half of the screen an explanatory box, which I delete.

Then, I literally have to mouse down to the bottom to recall the hidden taskbar, where I get things done.

Could that be it?

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Hidden taskbar

by AnsuGisalas In reply to May be simpler

what an extravagance :)

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Answer of your doubt

by yogesh.kumar In reply to Safe Mode

Hai friend this is yogesh from vijayawada i read your doubt so my suggestions are please check the mother board chips also once because if any any chip in the mother board was get heat this problem was occured most probably problem is the mother board
please check that also if the problem is solve please reply to my mail my mail id is

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Remove your e-mail address

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Answer of your doubt

Please edit your post & remove your e-mail address from the post or you may start receiving SPAM Messages.

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