SafeBoot 5

By rwalton ·
I installed the safeboot server and creating the client install. Then on a different machine I installed on a test laptop. encrypted the C drive. Reboot logged in and get the error "MBR error"
I have tried this 2 times, to repair it takes a new ghost. When I boot from the XP CD to repair the setup does not see the HD. I assume I missed something anyone have any idea.

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Without the Make/Model of the NB it's hard to even guess

by OH Smeg In reply to SafeBoot 5

But the most obvious is that you have a reasonably new NB with a SATA HDD which isn't supported by XP Natively so you need to press the F6 Key when the first blue screen appears and insert a Floppy to the A Drive with the SATA Drivers copied to it's root.

Of course if you have one you could use the makers Recovery Disc or whatever other method that the maker employed to Load the System originally. Without knowing the Make & Model it's not possible to give any more information that is specific to your NB.

About the only other thing that I can suggest is that you make your own Slipstreamed Install CD for XP with the SATA Drivers for this NB. If you care to try this the directions to make a Slipstreamed Install XP CD are here

OH and just check that the HDD is actually working by using the Makers Test Utility.


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NB ?

by rwalton In reply to Without the Make/Model of ...

Not sure what you mean by NB ?
The real issue is safeboot and the MBR error and not booting - I get the safeboot login screen, login and thats all she wrote - error MBR - oh it is a IDE drive windows XP SP2

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NB = Note Book

by OH Smeg In reply to NB ?

OK then as you have a IDE Drive Safe Boot has obviously done something to the HDD maybe when you Encrypted the Drive if I read the above correctly.

As the HDD isn't accepting a Image Safe Boot must be preventing this from happening so you need to wipe the HDD and then format up and reclone the Image Back with whatever you are using . If you don't have a Bootable Wiping Utility Boot & Nuke works and it's free so the price is right if nothing else is.


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by rwalton In reply to NB = Note Book

thanks for the reply
I guess I am not wording my problem very well. Do you or anyone else know / use what is now a McAfee product Safeboot?

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