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Safely using kazaa

By tstutz ·
Is it possible to download kazaa or a form of kazza any downolad it directly to an external hard drive so that if any viruses come through it will not affect my internal hard drive?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Safely using kazaa


First of all try Kazaalite Revolution2.6, no spyware or adware, no banners, no fees, IP blocker and MP3 validator, AVI preview etc.


Just set your 'shared folder' to the other drive. Ou can even install the whole program to the other drive if you wish, just change the path on install.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

NOTE: Sharing of copyrighted material is still illegal in the USA

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by willcomp In reply to Safely using kazaa

Having Kazaa and downloaded files on another drive will not protect you from any downloaded malware. Although Kazaa Lite doesn't have adware associated with Kazaa, you are still susceptible to downloading infected files.

Have a good anti-virus and several adware/spyware removal programs installed. AVG Anti-Virus, Ad-Aware SE, and Spybot S&amp are very good and free to boot.


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by willcomp In reply to

PCs from active P2P (mostly Kazaa) users that I deal with normally have several virii and 40 or more adware/spyware programs installed. Downloader trojans are apparently rampant on P2P networks.

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by TheChas In reply to Safely using kazaa

The only way to protect yourself from the viri and related mal-ware rampant on the P2P networks is to not use them at ALL!!!

Good up to date anti-virus software and a firewall our your best second line of defense.

For an external drive to help, you would have to boot off of the external drive and have your system set up to NOT detect the internal drives.
Even then, you are still susceptible to a BIOS virus.

Our family PC has been running a LOT better since I finally laid down the law to my teenagers and removed all traces of P2P file sharing software.


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by TheChas In reply to

Safely using P2P file sharing is sort of like safely driving against traffic on a busy freeway.


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Kazaa removal

by BIOSphereopts In reply to

Just wondering, for you code and scripting gurus out there, I was trying to write a batch file that would delete kazaa.

Here it is, can you tell me if it is wrong. I have tested it with "test" directories and it removed them. I just am not sure if I need to do something with the registry too.

::Kazaa removal tool
::If you cannot remove the dll file with
::this tool, you may have to remove it manually from the
:rogram files folder.
cd program files
rd /q /s altnet
rd /q /s installfnk
rd /q /s Kazaa
rd /q /s need2find
rd /q /s rxtoolbar
@echo off

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by wlbowers In reply to Safely using kazaa

I am currently trying to disinfect a ladies computer that installed Kazza just to look up authors and such. Yea right!

The scan currently has 128 items and 42 potential bad guys. The scan is not finished yet.

Kazza is second only to email in the transfer and installation of all known virus, Trojans, malware, spyware, and any other load of crud some idiot can think of giving to you.

Once it gets into your system only a good constantly DAILYupdated antivirus and firewall is going to protect you from the resulting system attack. Oh yea 134 and 42 now.

Good Luck Ya Gonna Need It


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by Choppit In reply to Safely using kazaa

Steer clear of Kazaa and it's kin. If you must use it, I'd suggest running it on an isolated multi-boot system, with a good, up to date virus checker, personal firewall and behind a hardware firewall.

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