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Sage Line 100 Resources

By claymuir ·
Does anyone know where I can get help/support information on Sage Line 100. The Company page cost money and my company has not yet installed it. I will probably be doing the conversion myself hence the need for help/support. Websites, names of books, downloadable pdf's, whatever...

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No third party support for Sage

by GuruOfDos In reply to Sage Line 100 Resources

is needed...when you register Sage Line100 with the company (Sagesoft), you get a years free technical support direct from the manufacturer. Only Sage Authorised dealers have resources for end users and administrators so contact your vendor.

Mindyou, using Sage is like using a's childsplay...any 14 year old can program your video and Sage is about as easy.

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Installation easy - really?

by claymuir In reply to No third party support fo ...

Thanks, for the Update Guru I have not had a chance to work with it yet. It appears to me the orginal installation would be quite difficult - is this actually not the case?

I'm fairly IT literate so I'm not too worried but I would not want to bite off more than I can chew.

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Sage installation

by GuruOfDos In reply to Installation easy - reall ...

Installing Sage Line 100 is a five minute job...really! It's THAT easy! What is the killer is hand inputting stock codes, prices and such like!

A friend of mine had an old DOS based inventory and billing system and had to convert to Sage because the old DOS system was not Y2K compliant. Installing Sage on the office computer and four shop-floor terminals took a little over 10 minutes. I won't mention the four nights we started at 5pm and worked until 4am with two of us typing in stock codes and prices from the old DOS printouts of over 11,000 different spare parts for garden machinery! We didn't do too badly considering that three years later, we have still only discovered 5 mistakes in our entries!!

Mike :-)

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Excellent - Well sort of..

by claymuir In reply to Sage installation

Thanks for the info Guru it is truly excellent news. The only bad things is the company has about 6,000,000 (not a typo) individual entires to make. We will definitely hire temps to help and hope the entries are not to bad. I'm shooting for 85% accuracy.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Excellent - Well sort of. ...

Six million?!!! Whew! Best of luck. 85% is a good target. Hope it works out okay. Believe me though, once Sage is up and running and you have ironed out all the bad data, it is a truly excellent piece of software and in everyday use, it really does stand out as one of the finest packages around, and the support from Sage when you DO need it is second to none!

I wish you well with this project :-)

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