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Salaries and Geographic Location

By p29694 ·
I am contemplating a change of employment. This change will take me from a project lead position implementing at a large electronics firm to a technical marketing position for the competition of the product I currently implement.

My dilemma is negotiating salary. I believe I understand my value to the new position if I were to remain in the geographic location I currently work. The new position requires a relocation to a geographic location with a substantially higher cost of living.

Should the cost of living difference be a factor in salary negotiations? If it is, how do I reconcile my value in the new geographic location?

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Salary negotiations

by Koko In reply to Salaries and Geographic L ...

Absolutely the cost of living should be factored in up front! Assuming it's a higher cost of living, you'll never recoup it later.

There's a couple of good salary tools, one of these will let you compare by geographic region. Try the following -- and

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You MUST take COL into account

by Vanderlay In reply to Salary negotiations

The cost of living must be taken into account before you come up with a figure of what you will take to move. Consider State and local taxes, housing costs, and extra moving expenses when coming up with a figure. They could offer you a great salary and not help much in the move and then you may lose most of your increase for the first year to moving. Consult the URLs that Jackie mentioned. Most job sites have somthing that allows you to compare salaries(, etc). I searched yahoo for "salary calculator" and came back with this link [there are others]:

This will tell you what you need to make when moving from city A to city B and keep the same "standard of living".

Hope this helps.


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