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Salary caps dictated by the market inhibiting job growth? I think so.

By ManiacMan ·
I'm seeing more of a disturbing trend lately among the IT industry in which positions traditionally classified as senior level are not commanding salaries commensurate with what one would consider to be appropriate for senior level. Take my example of a recent job interview process I went through with a prominent IT Consulting and outsourcing firm in NYC. They were seeking a Sr. Windows Engineer/Project Manager to handle their client's systems as well as managing a team of junior and mid level field techs to ensure proper escalation and resolution of trouble tickets. I aced their technical interview, have stated that I have trained and managed people, and can bring a lot to the table. At my most recent contract job, which expired last week, I performed this kind of work and was pretty self sufficient without needing anyone to micromanage me or directing my work. Needless to say, I stated that I wanted no less than $115K as a base salary from the start, but they came back with a pathetically low offer of $90K at first, which after unsuccessful haggling they bumped up to $95K. I have declined the offer because this doesn't fly in my book, but the point I'm trying to stress here is what in the heck is going on with the industry if they can call these "senior level" positions and pay this little in a city with an absurdly high cost of living? Yeah, maybe $95K would do in Alabama or some midwestern town in the middle of nowhere, but anything under a six figure salary in my book is NOT senior level. Have corporations gotten so greedy and out of touch with what IT is that they see us professionals as welders or plumbers from just another vocational school like Apex tech? What is going on because I'm seeing more and more of these absurd jobs which claim to be senior level, but are anything but that?

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Times are changing

by bdulac In reply to Salary caps dictated by t ...

I can see where you're coming from when comparing current salaries to previous offerings but maybe the economy and the world is creating a different need for "senior level" positions. It used to be that six figure salaries were common but in the past 5 yrs or so most companies have reduced what they're offering not just "senior level" techs but even entry level. Part of it might be like you mentioned that corporations see technical employees as expendable since there are so many to choose from. It used to be that techs were very valuable but now every guy and his kid (literally) are self-proclaimed "experts". The one's that actually know what they're doing are left trying to compete with less experienced workers that are willing to take less pay. Most companies it seems would rather have those with less experience and pay them accordingly than fork out the bucks for the real deal.

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What's even sadder is that specialized skills are not valued anymore

by ManiacMan In reply to Times are changing

Yeah, anyone can get these so called MCSEs' at a dime a dozen, but not everyone and their kids know much about specialized server hardware, virtualization, or storage area networking. Employers want all of this, yet have a vague idea of what it is, yet expect to pay those with these specialized skills the same salaries as some recent college grad with little to no experience. It's truly shocking and appaling, and if you ask me, I probably don't see myself doing IT in the near future if this stupidity keeps going on.

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