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Salary Expectations

By CyVaquero ·
I am separating from the military and am about to start the great pursuit of civilian employment. I have received two job offers just from cold contact calls, no resume sent, just an abbreviated summary of my experience.

What I need is a third-party appraisal of my skills and experience so that I can better evaluate my options. Essentially I need to know what salary range I should fairly expect to be offered. More importantly what positions should I go after.

Any and all input is greatlyappreciated.

Non-Tech Skills and Weaknesses:

Small Team Management (2-15 people)
- 7 yrs.

Aircraft Maintenance Supply Support
- 9 yrs.
Logistics Management
- 9 yrs.

I am a people person (The kind of person
wholikes to strike up conversations with

I am not a good salesman (Lacking the drive
to make the kill)

Tech Skills:

Proficient with Win9x, NT4 Server & W/S
- 4 yrs.

Setup and running Linux O/S:
Red Hat and Caldera flavors

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Salary Expectations

by McKayTech In reply to Salary Expectations

To me, your background suggests that you might do well as a Technical Support manager either for an in-house or a third-party service provider.

Salaries vary widely and I would encourage you to surf a couple of the sites that have salary survey information for the area(s) in which you would like to work. just updated their salary information and I've found it generally correlates pretty well with what I see in the real world.

That you've received two offers already is great,but I would be somewhat cautious about offers made with such limited knowledge of you - that suggests they are in a desperate situation and one that you may not want to be part of.

Best wishes.... it's a great industry to work in!


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Salary Expectations

by CyVaquero In reply to Salary Expectations

Thank you for the comment, unfortunately I didn't heed the size limit of my post of most of my experience and education were cut off.

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Salary Expectations

by kermit88 In reply to Salary Expectations

Hello & welcome to the outside world,

It's great that you had job offers already, but you should be careful.

First, create and polish your resume. It will open doors for you.

Second, decide what you want to do the rest of your life. Did you like working in the aircraft sector? Perhaps there is a aircraft related company that needs a Unix guy.. The possibilities are out there. Try combining past areas of expertise with your tech backround, and you can jump a couple of levels in the Org Chart.

Third, checkout the job search engins. That will give you exact pay ranges.

Good luck!

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Salary Expectations

by CyVaquero In reply to Salary Expectations

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