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Salary increases for IT staff

By Koko ·
We are currently reviewing salary increases for IT staff, thinking that the average increase for general employees is not enough to retain skilled IT staff. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Are you willing to share what your average % increase is for IT staff at your organization? Do you know of any studies done in this area? Many thanks for any help.

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Standard percent increases

by BrianHarris In reply to Salary increases for IT s ...

Why is it that companies still give raises based on some standard percentage? IT people haven't formed a union that I've not heard of have they?

How about this... pay me what I'm worth.

What would it cost you to spend a couple of months looking and then pay a new hire to replace me? I want $1K more per year than that. Your competition will pay me that.

If I haven't learned any new skills and I'm just an average performer, dump me and hire someone else. I've I've done a fantastic job and run circles around your other IT people pay me a fortune.

I'm not trying to belittle your request. Its nice that you're asking we mere geeks for our input. But the rest of us are trying to break out of Industrial Age thinking, maybe HRshould too.

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IT salary increases

by Koko In reply to Standard percent increase ...

I appreciate the reply, Brian, but perhaps I should explain in a bit more detail. I'm not HR, I'm IT, and I'm trying to get the company to understand that IT does not fit within their standard formula. It is a unique field. Salary structures are another whole subject, but at the moment we're dealing with upcoming companywide annual increases and we're trying to improve the situation for IT staff. You're right, some are average, some deserve more than others. Frankly, I feel they all deservemore than is being offered. And I am a mere geek, but I have been asked to research the situation.

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My apologies

by BrianHarris In reply to IT salary increases

I apologize for the probably harsh response.

I really don't have a good answer for you about this. Maybe it would help to find out what other companies might offer for these positions or what your company is paying new hires and go from there. I haven't accepted anything less than about 10% per year for an increase for the last 6 years.

Take on-line salary sites with a grain of salt though.

I wish you luck in your search.

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by Koko In reply to My apologies

No apology needed, I can see where you're coming from. And thanks for the information on your personal situation. More ammunition for my arsenal....

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More money because...

by Jose B. Carranza In reply to Salary increases for IT s ...

This is an interesting, and very personal subject. As Brian exemplifies, IT staffs are not happy with their salaries, and neither is management.

Management feels they spend too much on technology. It is extremely expensive to acquire, install, and maintain. For this reason, many companies opted to outsource part or all of their IT departments. As an IT member, you can see the value IT provides an organization, as well as the inherent loss outsourcing creates for all. You'll need to capitalize on intangible benefits to the organization when justifying your suggestions.

Not sure about your time frame, but you might want to check with personal friends or acquaintances in the recruiting industry for general bonus trends, and othersalary related information. Compare this data with your internal policies, and make recommendations. Remember, organizations want to save money. A suggestion gear to save money will always receive a favorable response.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Best regards,

Jose B. Carranza

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Online Surveys

by lf10 In reply to More money because...

There are a few online information sources for salary information. Even one in techrepublic <>.

Others include: <> and InfoWorld does a yearly survey you can search for <>.

I work at a University and we have the same problem.

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by Koko In reply to Salary increases for IT s ...

Just wanted to say thanks for the additional feedback....

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Percentages suck

by pamelamoos In reply to Thanks

I agree with most of the other posters about increases and such. But I think there is something else we are leaving out here and that is a salary *adjustment.* My last company promised us an adjustment after the base salary was increased and offered to new hires. After 3 months of stalling, I left and from what I hear, they still have not done it in the last 5 months or so. Big bummer. From what you are saying, it sounds like you would like to find out what to "adjust" eveyone's salary too. I would suggest that you find out what they should be making and make a case to increase them up to that with the promise they can then work within the company set policies. Or, you can try and get a exclusion from HR, but that will be real tough.

I have received one adjustment in my career. My raises have come from job changing, with my last one being the best at a 52% increase.

What I have found in my wonderings is that if you want good money, find a great company willing to pay for your service up front. Do not rely on annual raises to keep you interested. If you are already at a place you love but feel you are underpaid, see what you can do. If they won't pay and it upsets you, leave. Nothing irritates me more than people who have great skills complaining about how much they get paid. There are a ton of good companies out there willing to pay you good money, and I am sure there is one out there even better then were you are now.

Life is full of compromises.
Good luck in your search and negotiations.


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Convinced mgmt to increase IT salaries

by NetTek In reply to Salary increases for IT s ...

We have two Network Technicians that started with our company straight out of technical school. They have both since gotten MS certifications and they now have about three years of experience. Our problem was that they were only making about 15 percent more than when they started. My company has a ridiculous policy in place that says the only way an employee can get a salary increase beyond the standard cost of living increase we get annually is if the employee is given an increase in responsibilities or a promotion. Needless to say, the techs were ready to move on to greener pa$ture$. We convinced management to give them a 35% salary increase by doing the following:
1. Researched the Internet for average salaries for their positionsin our area, and documented our findings.
2. Tactfully informed upper-management that we feared the techs might leave because they were grossly underpaid.
3. Presented the salary findings for the techs' positions to upper management.
4. Explainedthat the techs are experts on OUR sytems and infrastructure.
5. Made management aware that if the techs left we would have to hire replacements at the market salary anyway.
6. Added that their replacements would not be as familiar with our systems, and there was no guarantee that the new hires would be as adept as our present techs.
Thankfully, they went for it.

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