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    Salary negotiation tips: Get what you de


    by menace65 ·

    Okay, so I read about the salary negotiation tips BEFORE accepting an offer that was a lot less than what I was making previously. I’m new to this state, and have been out of work for 3 months, and hey, the benefits are good (one month vacation!).I figure I’ll stick it out for about a year, and then go into consulting. What I now need is a game plan to get myself prepared for consulting. My background has been technical/application support, training, systems administration, and vendor/consultant liaison. I know that project management is a pretty hot consulting area, and while I have a little project management experience, I’m no pro. Can anyone suggest classes I could take, applications I should learn, that would really help me to gear up for consulting work? I do not have my college degree as yet, but I will be working towards one online via the state college. As I’ve pretty much never planned ahead before, I’d like to hear what others have done in preparation for future career moves. Thank you.

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