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About how much should I ask for yearly for an entry-level telephone tech support position in the Philadelphia area? I have a lot of self training in IT, in addition to two years of college (I am a student), but no certificates as of yet. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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by ibnpaul In reply to Salary Question

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Salary Question

it totally depends on the employer, imho. if it is your local isp or compusa, they might only pay $10/hr. if it is a bigger company you might get $40K/yr. why don't you call around and ask?
are they asking you for a salary requirement? if not try to get them to speak figures first.
if they need a salary requirement maybe try range of $35-45k
are you worried you'll ask too much and be turned down for that reason? if so, i'd just try saying that to the hr people. see if they won't help you get in the ballpark.
do you have a certain minimum you need to live on? use that figure.
look on, lots of pay rates are given there...
training support (tuition, fees and paid time off) is worth quit a bit.
just a side note: i was recently called by a tech recruiter. i like to learn what i can from each when i talk to them. i asked this particular one if he thought mcse cert was worth the trouble and expense. he replied, 'what is mcse?' sheesh.

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