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Sales Contract

By sujith_kumar ·
What is the Format of the Sales Contract and what should be the major headings?

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Sales Contract

by Stillatit In reply to Sales Contract

There is no one format. It varies between states and countries due to legal requirements. It varies according to what is being sold. It varies by company according to what their lawyers have recommended over the years.

You can look at the back of the last few big items you have purchased and probably find a few. You may also find sales contracts with blanks to be filled in -- check your local stationery store.

Your own lawyer should review whatever you finally decide to use.

In general, you will have some basic things in your contract. This is a VERY rough list, and may be missing something you absolutely need for your location or application. Depending on what is being sold (e.g., property), other stuff may be legally required.
1. Who are the parties?
2. Seller agrees to sell (description of whatever).
3. Buyer agrees to pay. Possibly payment terms, schedules, etc.
4. Seller agrees to hold buyer harmless if someone tries to sue buyer for patent infringment, etc.
5. Seller offers warranty, or disclaims warranty.
6. Defaults. What happens if buyer does not pay, seller does not deliver, etc.?
7. Disclaimers. Seller states that seller does not guarantee that buyer can use (whatever) for whatever Buyer plans to do with it. You will see terms like "fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability." This section is usually required to be in ALL CAPS.
8. What jurisdiction (set of laws) will apply to contract?
9. Signatures/titles/date

Good luck.

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