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Where is the line between consultation and sales calls?

I am the owner of an industrial /agricultural electronic controls company providing services in installation and maintenance of process controls.
Recently I was contacted by potential client requesting information relating to a problem with detecting defects in his textile process .he specifically requested some one to call on him to discuss his problems , I did so and the meeting went well . I was to locate a certan sensor and the electrical and mechanical interface to his process and present these finding to him. I completed this task and it involved engineering the device of his needs that required about 10 cad drawings , contacting OEM companies and obtaining the correct materials and parts information to manufacture this device. About 2 weeks of work. This was presented to him in meeting two. And he was pleased with the presentation. He stated that he needed to keep this information to present to his superior in order to get approval of the project. The information in his hands is total design documentation all that needs to be done is build it to the specifications. I have heard noting back from him and believe he is contracted his maintenance dept to construct the device using my documentation. Now the question is am I clear to charge him a consultation fee? Is this the right thing to do?

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