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Sales Professional - Seeking Technical Certification Direction?

By kyledchristian ·

I am a career sales and account management professional (15 Years) looking to "shift" my career. My ultimate goal is to enter into a pre-sales/technical account management/Sales Engineer"ish" positon where I am not abondonaing my sales tenure and still working with sales people, but not chaseing the carrot so to speak.

I am taking this year off to go to school and have been advised to take MCITP, CCNA, and Networking + certificates to quickly get ramped and able to jump into this type of role.

I could REALLY use some career advice from someone as to what certificates would carry the greatest power in the shortest time frame. I don't have 4 years to get my BA in Computer Science (Which I would love) and have been advised this would get my foot in the door. I have begun the Networking + studies and am progressing well but hitting major brain blocks on the MCITP Active Directory class!

- ANY advice would be much appreciated.

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by Seonix In reply to Sales Professional - Seek ...

The MCITP certification involves doing three MCTS exams (AD, Networking, Sys Admin) which are all going to be quite difficult for you if you don't have a very strong technical background.
Microsoft recommends at least 1 year of experience with these technologies before attempting the exam. I've been doing Server 2008 for 2.5 years and am still finding the subject matter quite tough. MCITP is a very valuable certification to have but I think it may be unrealistiic for you to do all three . I'd just try and get one of them knocked over for now.
Again, CCNA would be a good one to have but again, going to be very difficult if you don't have any networking experience.
Realistically you're probably going to have to start in a junior tech position and slug it out for a year until you have some experience.

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by kyledchristian In reply to hmmmm....

I started with the CompTia Networking + class and even though I found it very technically challenging, I muddled my way through it and am taking practice exams to prepare for the cert. The MCITP AD class (Currently) is pretty tough to understand. Things like how to nest Global Groups into Domain Local groups and such. If the MCITP and CCNA are too senior, what would you recommend? I'm not taking the classes to actually be a database admin or a networking guy per sey, they are more to understand the premise so I can help in selling/managing the more technical account and remove myself from the direct firing lines. I've looked at maybe Project +, XHTML, Java as other ideas as well?

Any ideas?

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