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Samba 3 and Windows 2000 Domain

By Cgoeckel ·
Does anyone have a working documentation of how to allow Samba to interact with the Windows 2000 domain using AD??

Right now we are at an impasse with some of the suggestions that have been handed to use with the lines that "this might work" or "I read this will allow it".

No offense but we don't want to mess with the AD structure.

So far we haven't found anything that is documented and will work.

Any help or suggestions on where to look?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Samba 3 and Windows 2000 ...

What exactly is your problem?

If you've correctly install a NIX with Samba it should just pickup the Windows Server unless the AD is stopping it from connecting.

If you can provide more data here as to what the exact problem is I'll most likely be able to help you out but honestly with what has been provided it's impossible to even guess at what is happening and why. All I can see is that you can not get a connection to a Windows Server running AD but no why or other info.

If it is an AD setting you'll have to alter it to make the connection but you shouldn't have to make massive changes to AD to allow a Nix connection access to a server.


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by Cgoeckel In reply to

The issue was figured out by my manager. There was a problem with the LDAP and AD talking.

Thank you for the help!

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by cpfeiffe In reply to Samba 3 and Windows 2000 ...

Did you create the machine trust? Sometimes I have to drop and recreate that in our ADS system. I don't know why, but when it doesn't work I drop and recreate the machine trust. Anyhow, I used the document in this link when I set ours up and I had no problems. Chapter 6 talks about the domain membership stuff.

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by thanetadmin In reply to Samba 3 and Windows 2000 ...
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by Cgoeckel In reply to Samba 3 and Windows 2000 ...

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