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By david.snider ·
We have just implemented SAMBA on our HP-UX 11.0 64-bit server at the request of some of our DBA's. The problem we are running into is that copying text files to and from the server from Windows machines doesn't take care of the CR/LF characters as ftp in ascii mode does.. One of the DBA's insists that an old employer had automatic translation of files from Unix to DOS format working with SAMBA.. I can't find any information on how to do this. Does anyone know of a solution? I have them all using a unix2dos executeable currently.. But only as a temporary solution hopefully..

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by cpfeiffe In reply to SAMBA and CR/LF

In your smb.conf file or through the SWAT web management GUI, if you installed SWAT you can set "mangled names" to yes. If it is yes already, try no. There are some other filename handling parameters such as mangling char, mangle case, etc. that can also be adjusted, but mangled names allows for 8.3 format files to be converted back and forth across the platforms.

Good luck.

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to SAMBA and CR/LF

From doing a few quick tests, this didn't help, it looks like this only changes how file names are handled.. I want some automatic conversions of characters inside text files.. Even if I could only enable it for certain file name extensions such as *.log *.txt etc..

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by cavedweller In reply to SAMBA and CR/LF

I hava a mixed network with NY workstations and Unix development machines. The Unix machines have Samba installed and participate in the domain.

We are careful to use text editors which recognize both Unix and DOS end-of-line methods. Windows' wordpad is good, notepad is bad. The SW developers use Codewright and set the options to insert Unix-friendly EOL chars. These editors allow us to work on files on either platform without conversion.

Another option if you just want to convert a bunch of files is to mount or browse to a Unix share from a Windows machine and ftp the file to another Unix directory in ASCII mode. This would allow you to use a DOS-style editor (like notepad) but you would have trouble using Unix's editors on the same file.

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