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    samba print job status


    by slchiu @ net workshop ·

    I install RH7.1 as samba server. A HP laser jet is attached to the parallel port of the server. I add a queue for this printer and share this printer from Samba.

    I can print from win98 clients but I cannot view the printer job status at the win98printer folder. So I cannot del, suspend or resume job. How can I manage the print job from a win98 client?

    Any hints on this? Can win98 client control the Samba printer?



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      samba print job status

      by bg4 ·

      In reply to samba print job status

      The only trap that springs to mind is make sure your parallel port is setup for EPP. I had to change the line in /etc/rc.d/rc.modules to read:

      /sbin/modprobe parport_pc epp

      Once I reboot all worked well. I use an HP930c and an HPG85 printer ona Slackware 8.0 Samba server.

      Hope this helps.

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